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Friday, July 3, 2009

Under Construction Series (& A Reminder to CLICK ON THE PHOTOS!!!)

Welcome to the "Under Construction" series of shots, taken on July 03, 2009. The TTC and the City of Toronto are rebuilding St. Clair Avenue West between Gunns Road just west of Keele Street and Vaughan Road, just west of Bathurst Street. A special right of way is being constructed for the 512 St. Clair Streetcar line. This right of way is already completed between Vaughan Road and Yonge Street, and streetcars have been running on the completed section of the line for quite some time now. It may be quite some time before the entire 512 Streetcar Line is up and running again.

For those of you who quickly scroll past the photos, a word of advice: Take your time and click on the photos. You will see an enlarged image that shows quite a bit more detail. Really, you will be surprised.



Under Construction - St. Clair Avenue - SIDEwalk

St. Clair Avenue West area residents make concessions as the entire street is rebuilt. July 03, 2003.

Under Construction - St. Clair Avenue - Smart Car Right of Way

July 03, 2009.

................In an intelligent move, cars on St. Clair Avenue are being rerouted to the streetcar right-of-way while new street traffic lanes are being constructed.

Under Construction - St. Clair Avenue - Wychwood Streetcar Stop

This is the Wychwood Avenue Streetcar Stop, under construction. But it seems the contractors made a small mistake. If you look closely in the second photo, you will see that they installed the "Oakwood" stop sign by accident, and tried, unsuccessfully, to cover it up. July 03, 2009.

Under Construction - St. Clair Avenue - Heavy Equipment

July 03, 2009.

Under Construction - St. Clair Avenue

July 03, 2009.