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Saturday, August 14, 2010

TTC - Museum Station - Temporary Transfer Point

Please excuse the blurred cell phone shots. This weekend, Museum station (University Subway Line) is being used as a temporary transfer point between the Bloor Subway Line (Green Line) and the University-Spadina Subway Line (Yellow Line). Repairs are the cause of the diversion. TTC workers are holding up signs indicating the direction of each train, since multiple lines and directions are sharing the same tracks and platform. August 14, 2010.

TTC - Lower Bay Station

Cell phone shots through cloudy subway windows. August 14, 2010. Lower Bay was only in passenger service for six months during 1966. Currently, it is sometimes used as a location for movies, television shows and commercials.

TTC - Lower Bay - Southbound Tunnel and Tracks

Southbound tracks as seen from Lower Bay Station. August 14, 2010. Cell phone shot.