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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TTC - Spadina & Yonge Subway (Yellow Line) Extensions

It's hard to believe, but preliminary construction of the Spadina subway extension has begun. When completed, the subway will finally service York University, which has become a major transit hub for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. The Spadina extension will terminate in the busy and rapidly expanding suburb of Vaughan in York Region (north suburban Toronto). If that's not enough, the planned Yonge subway extension has passed its environmental assessment. The extension will see the Yonge subway finally reach the city limits at Steeles Avenue, and continue north to the Richmond Hill Centre Terminal, a major hub for York Region Transit. Construction will begin pending sufficient funding. As for Buck Tracks, I am hoping to begin posting original photos again sometime within the next week or two. Other projects have been demanding my time. (Source of the maps: http://www.vivanext.com/home - Check out this link for up to date VIVA information.)

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