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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Comparison of Basic Monthly Tansit Pass Prices for Major Canadian & US Cities

With the Canadian Dollar virtually at par with the United States Dollar, this is an excellent time to compare the cost of a basic monthly transit pass between selected Canadian & American Cities. All of the cities listed below provide both bus and rail service.

1) TTC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada = $121.00 regular ($111.00 with a fixed monthly subscription).

2) MDCT, Miami, Florida, USA = $100.00

3) OC Transpo, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada = $91.50

4) MTA, New York City, USA = $89.00 (for 30 days)

5) CTA, Chicago, Illinois, USA = $86.00 (for 30 days)

6) CT, Calgary, Alberta, Canada = $85.25

7) ETS, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada = $81.50

8) Translink, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada = $81.00 (zone 1 pass)

9) SEPTA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA = $78.00

10) Tri-Met, Portland, Oregon, USA = $75 for 2 zones ($86 for all zones)

11) MTS, San Diego, California, USA = $72.00

12) RTD, Denver, Colorado, USA = $70.00

13) STM, Montreal, Quebec, Canada = $70 (or $148 for 4 months)

14) METRO TRANSIT, St. Louis, Missouri, USA = $68.00

15) UTA, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA = $67.00

16) DART, Dallas, Texas, USA = $65.00 Local ($75.00 System Wide)

17) MTA, Los Angeles, California, USA = $62.00

18) MUNI, San Francisco, California, USA = $60 (or $70 to include rides on BART within the SF city limits).

19) MARTA, Atlanta, Georgia, USA = $60.00

20) MBTA, Boston, Massachusetts, USA = $59.00

(Sources: the official websites for the transit systems listed above.)


Anonymous said...

you should use a 3 zone pass for the Vancouver number...Calgary's $85 pass covers the entire city, a distance that would leak into a what a 3 zone distance is in Vancouver.

Buck said...

Thank you for your comment. I do appreciate the input.

Buck said...

The reason that I posted the comparison of transit pass prices is because of the fact that a streetcar that I was riding that rainy day was leaking water. The water was coming in around the lighted advertising boxes, working its way through from the roof of the streetcar. About six seats and the standing area near the center doors were rendered unusable because of copious amounts of water either dropping down from the ceiling or already on the floor, making it dangerously wet. Should this be happening with such high transit fares? Should it be happening at all for any reason? Clearly, something is wrong in Toronto.