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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Save Transit City


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Buck said...

(Buck posting on behalf of blog follower Bruce G.)

Bruce wrote:

Hey thanks for the "Save Transit City" link.

I thought that when it comes to implementing reasonable forms of public transportation such as electrified streetcar lines, Toronto was way ahead of the curve in N. America.

So I wanted to share with you and your Buck Tracks audience the current debate taking place in the city council of the U.S. capital.

Apparently the latest stickler is whether to offer streetcar service in the more pristine, touristy areas of DC with those accompanying overhead 'unsightly' electric lines. Now, an important possible resolution to the debate here is to utilize several different brands of cars, some using overheads in more residential neighbourhoods, and other models which can run on overheads -- as well as using battery-propelled engines when not.

Please see the link below to the latest Washington Post article on this topic, along with a remarkable photo gallery showing Washington's streetcars in their heyday during the 1930's and '40's:


-- Bruce